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Think sheets

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The first-level consequence for poor behavior choices across our first-grade team is to leave wherever the class is working and complete a Stop and Think Sheet.  The sheets ask the students to circle the classroom rule they chose not to follow, write or draw a picture of the choice they were making, and then write or draw a picture of a better choice they could make.  I absolutely love what they come up with.

Here are two sheets from today.  Both girls were passing beads back and forth to each other during our whole group math lesson.

Girl 1:
I wuz playing on the crait win we wur lrning math I am sore
[I was playing on the carpet when we were learning math.  I am sorry.]

Girl 2:
I we not paytash I we patata to Faiza
[I was not paying attention.  I was paying attention to Faiza.]

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