The video explaining Veteran’s Day focused on an Air Force pilot returning from an overseas tour. My child with two Air Force parents looked stricken – “Miss R, does the Air Force send people away?”

Two kids came up to me today to tell me that the other one was a tattletale.

As most of my class pushed, yelled, and cried in line to leave the cafeteria, one girl stepped out of the chaos to give me a hug.

My afternoon: stopped math 10 minutes in because of behavior issues, had recess cancelled due to rain, then walloped my head on a cabinet so hard that I almost cried.

Where does 16 go? “15 after!”

“We should no bring guns to school.  Or gum.”

New child today. Only English words she seems to know are the numbers 0-20 and “oh my gosh!”

“Everyone’s been on a plane! It’s how you get to America!”

“Why do you wear your glasses?”  (Because I need to buy new contacts.)  “You could buy them at the Costco Fairfax.  That’s where my mom buys things.”

“It’s okay, Andy. Sometimes she talks to me too but I don’t be shy.”

  1. December 17, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    I love this post.

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