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The benefit of confidence (and experience)

Part of the reason I love trapeze is because the teachers there are really, really good at teaching.  They provide constant, individual feedback that is almost always at the student’s exact developmental level.  While almost all the teachers are strong, a handful stand out from the crowd.  I’ve realized that the classes where I really move my skills forward and try new, unexpected things are the classes with the most experienced, confident teachers.  They’re the ones who ask, “have you done [skill] yet?  No?  Okay, you’re going to learn that right now.”  Or, like tonight, they see a skill I’ve been working on for months and say, “the reason that’s so hard is because your flying is more advanced than that skill.  I’m going to teach you the harder way, you’ll do it next time up, and it’s going to feel easier.”

Making a call like that takes confidence that you know what you’re doing and have the right to do it.  Dozens of instructors have helped me with this skill, but tonight’s teacher was the only one to say “wait, why are you doing that at all?”

I think about how this trapeze experience applies to my own teaching.  One of the big changes this year is the confidence I have in moving my students forward.  Last year I didn’t really know what was coming, and didn’t know what students should look like to get there, so I kind of tip-toed everyone forward, uncertain.  This year I know where we all need to be and I’m often dragging my kids forward, more confident now that I know what they should be doing.  Having experience lets me do more than coach them where they are – like the best of my trapeze instructors, I’m learning to question why we’re there, and make a confident decision about where we should be instead.

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