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Know when to stop

I’ve taken a trapeze class each of the last two nights.  While that’s considered intense most of the time, it’s been particularly intense because I’ve been working on a very physically demanding new skill.  My arms, shoulders, back, and abs have been feeling the effects the last two days.  I almost signed up for a third class tonight, but at the last minute decided it would be better to rest.

Then instead of resting, I tried to practice the V-ups (like sit ups, but lifting your legs up, too) that I’ll need to pass the trapeze fitness test next month.  I laid on my back on the floor, engaged my abs, breathed in, and gave my muscles the signal to lift my upper body and legs.  My legs came up and my upper body…stayed flat on the floor.  I gave the signal again…and my back remained glued to the floor, my muscles too tired to even try to obey.  In the end, all I could do was lay on the floor and laugh at myself.  Good thing I passed on class tonight.

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