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All is forgiven

One of my boys almost always has hard days, but today was particularly tough.  By the afternoon he couldn’t control himself anymore.  In his non-stop moving over-exuberance he ripped a book, threw a pillow at a classmate, then tackled another classmate and wouldn’t get off or stop tickling him.  He’s almost never aware of his movement, and definitely doesn’t feel responsible for it, he felt hugely wronged by getting in trouble for this – “[while sobbing] You so mean!  You SO SO MEAN! [continue crying]”  I brought him to a buddy teacher’s room to calm down; he stayed there for almost half an hour, coming back just in time for dismissal (it’s our last day before winter break).

At the doorway he threw his arms around me, buried his head in my stomach and said “I going to miss you so much!”  I got a big final squeeze, then he sprinted down the hallway to his bus.

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