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Our wonderful P.E. teacher started a school-wide running program this year.  For every two miles the kids run in P.E. or at recess, they get a charm to add to their running necklace.  My grade started the recess program on Tuesday and it’s been wonderful to see how the kids respond.

Two of my boys, one a constant behavior issue, one incredibly shy, have thrown themselves into the running wholeheartedly.  In just four days they’ve earned two charms each, which means they’ve run at least one mile in each 15 minute recess – not bad for a six-year-old!  They, and the rest of the kids in my class, glow with pride over the charms they’ve earned and they’ll tell anyone who will listen how many more laps they need to earn their next charm.

The P.E. teacher says studies show schools with running programs like this one experience a drop in serious discipline problems and an increase in test scores.  While it’s obviously too early to know if we’ll see those benefits, I’ve already experienced at least one benefit of the running program.  This afternoon my usually prickly, inexhaustible child spent the last lesson of the day curled next to me, cuddly and sleepy.  Seeing that side of him was a nice way to end the week.

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