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Turning a day around

One of my hardest boys had a very hard day today. Sprinting around the classroom, refusing to do work, refusing to come to whole group lessons, bursting into tears whenever I said no, really, NOW.

As he left this afternoon, I reminded him I’d be out tomorrow morning for a meeting and a substitute would be there. Our conversation:

Child: Where you go?
Me: Remember? I’m going to talk about teaching math with all the first grade teachers.
Child: But why they need you?
Me: All the first grade teachers are going. It’s part of how I get to be a better teacher for you.
Child: But you already a real good teacher, really!

When other teachers wonder how I manage to deal with him all day, these are the times I think of. As much as I worry that I’m not giving him all that he needs, and as frustrated as I can get with his impulsivity and physicality, he regularly makes me want to wrap him in a big bear hug.

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