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Positive feedback

July 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Today felt like a breakthrough trapeze class, but not because I learned a new trick or mastered a new skill.  In fact, the goodness of today came from me NOT learning something new.

I’ve been struggling with the same skill (lingo warming: adding a force-out to my swing) for many, many classes.  It’s getting better, but it’s still not great, and since it’s the foundation of almost everything cool in trapeze, I keep plugging away.  The instructors were giving me feedback on it near the beginning of class and I must have looked a little frustrated, because one said to me “almost everything you’ve done in trapeze has come easily for you.  It’s okay if this very tricky skill is tricky for you to learn.”

On my next turn I was chatting with the same instructor as she clipped me into my safety lines and I told her that I’m completely willing to work on the force-out until I get it right, even if I sometimes get frustrated with myself.  She laughed and said “and that’s why we love working with you.”

So that’s two happy things.  First, that someone actually thinks trapeze has come easily for me.  I sort of feel like it has, compared to other people I watch (and especially considering I have no dance or gymnastics background), but it’s nice to hear an instructor say so.  Second, that they like working with me — or that they have any opinion of me whatsoever, really.  I think I’m a pretty easy person to work with, but I’d say it’s probably true that I am more willing than most of the students I know to put in the time and train endlessly on the skills that are really important.  I don’t want to rush to check off boxes, I’m in this for the long-haul.  It’s nice that the instructors see that, too.


An ounce of prevention

July 7, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m reading yet another article on the Strauss-Kahn sexual assault case and I’ve reached my limit of black-and-white, all-good-or-all-evil coverage.  From the beginning, all parties have acknowledged that some sexual activity took place; the hotel maid claimed it was forcible, DSK claimed it was consensual.  So here is my suggestion for men in positions of power who don’t want to open themselves up to life-altering rape allegations: don’t have sex with strangers.  If DSK has showered, dressed, and gotten on his plane to France – without stopping to get it on with the maid – he’d still be head of the IMF and his wife would have saved a bundle in legal and security expenses.

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