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Pullover shoot!

I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time and money on trapeze over the last month and I’m absolutely loving it.  Great physical and intellectual exercise, alongside great people.  I’m riding high tonight because after weeks of learning all the basic tricks, tonight I learned the pullover shoot, which is a rite of passage at the school.  It’s the trick you learn after the basics and that you have to master before you move on to learning the swing (which is the foundation of all the really cool tricks).  To do it, you swing off the board, pull yourself over the bar so you’re upright, arms locked, looking forward, then you push off the bar and try to “rocket” forward to the catcher.

Most people talk about how the pullover shoot is awful and they stalled out on it for 2-5 classes, bruising their hips against the bar and getting hugely frustrated.  Even the instructor told us “so it’s pullover shoot today.  I’m not going to lie.  It’s going to suck.”  And it did suck for a lot of class.  While I could do the pullover part from the very beginning (getting up and over the bar then balancing there), I could not do the “shoot” part (wherein you fly off the bar) to save my life.  In my first attempt I threw the bar against my shin (leading to blood and a huge black and blue bump), in my second I fell headfirst off the bar, in my third I hesitated, then went too fast, leading to a comical fall from the bar, but in the fourth I seemed to get it, because the instructor said I should try to catch it (much to my surprise).

I over-thought every movement in my first catch attempt and did another headlong fall from the bar, but in my second attempt everything clicked, I pulled over, I shot…and I was caught!  I’ve been watching the video over and over tonight and every time I see the catch I shriek excitedly and clap my hands.  I am so totally proud of me – and I can’t wait to show the video to my kids!

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