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So big and yet so little

My students are becoming so big.  They’ve started being such independent thinkers, writers, readers, math students.  BUT…they are still SO little.

An exchange today:

Student [whining]: “Miss R, I can’t find my book ANYwhere.”
Me: “Is that it on your table?  Right in front of you?”
Student: “No I…Oh! Yeah, that’s it.”

Another conversation, held laying down on the floor at the end of the day, both of us heads in our hands, exhausted:

Me: “So, what didn’t work today?”
Student: “I didn’t listen to anything.”
Me: “Yep.  So what do you think we could do tomorrow to make things work better?”
Student: “Maybe I could listen?”
Me: “That sounds like a good start.”

Although they’re still so needy, so loud, and so seven-years-old, they’re also so much fun.  They’ve started using our calculators as cell phones during indoor recess, having hysterical one-sided phone conversations as they walk distractedly around the classroom.  I handed out some extra spiral notebooks and they’re carrying them around taking notes, measuring things, writing math facts, making lists, and excitedly sharing what they’ve done with anyone who will listen.

And most of all, they’re doing what all kids their age should do – they’re spending an enormous amount of time trying to figure out the world, even if it’s not the piece of the world I’m trying to get them to focus on at that particular moment.  Just this week they’ve figured out an easy way to add 9, made a connection between scales in our classroom and produce scales in the grocery store, and discovered that if they exchange phone numbers, they can talk to each other when they’re not in school (a truly earth-shaking revelation).  It’s a busy, exciting time in their lives, and sometimes I feel like the best thing I can do for them is to just to give them great tools and then get out of their way.

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