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Overheard in the classroom

Because of a special event today the kids came to class about 15 minutes early, giving them a lot more time to chat at their tables during morning work.  A few of the conversational snippets I overheard during that time…

Boy describing his (probably fictional) plans for the long weekend: “I’m going to go back to North Carolina this weekend.  And maybe Short Carolina, too.”

Girl talking to her whole table (in a tone of patient explanation): “You have to have socks because if you don’t have socks you can see your feet. I am wearing socks, I’m NOT wearing feet.”

And finally, an exchange with one of my 6-year-old girls:

Girl: “Miss R, you look SO pretty today!”
Me: “Thank you!”
Girl: “April Fools!”

As my friend said, burned by a six-year-old.  Ouch.

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