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I’ve spent a lot of last evening looking up online listing of liveaboard boats for sale.  I should be clear upfront: I know almost nothing about boats.  I don’t know how to sail them, I don’t know how to anchor them, tie them to a dock, or fix them.  But here’s what I do know: I think I’d really like living on one.

Living on a boat is an ultimate minimalist lifestyle.  The furniture is almost all built-in, the storage is enough to hold what you need, but not much else.  I like the idea of being that streamlined, of living that small.  But most of all, I like the connection to outside.  A boat is tiny, but it’s surrounded by the world in a way that no apartment can be (at least in my price range).  I love the idea of windows on all sides, yet having remarkable privacy.  This winter my heart would soar watching the sun rise over the river; I felt as cozy as I’ve ever been drinking tea while the rain fell outside.  I think the isolation yet tight-knit community of a marina is right up my alley.  I want to know all of my neighbors and talk to them when I want to, yet be totally able to withdraw and have no one come talk to me.

I don’t see living on a boat as something in my immediate future (see above confession of total lack of boating knowledge), but I do think it’d be a lifestyle that would fit me.  I once interviewed a student whose family spent a year living on a boat and sailing around the Atlantic and Caribbean, something I could absolutely see myself doing.


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