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Change of plans

Tomorrow was supposed to be a holiday (making this a lovely three-day weekend), but because of our snow days, it’s going to be a full day of school.

A full day of school might not sound awful, but Mondays are supposed to be early dismissal days.  It’s the way the county deals with not giving us enough planning time during the rest of the week.  So instead of a four-day week, or even a regular week with Monday planning time, we’re going to have the only five-full-days-with-no-planning-time week of the year.  Combined with the frustrating conversation with my principal and assistant principal on Friday afternoon, I am feeling pretty cranky about the upcoming week and about school in general.  I’ve been enjoying my class more each day and feeling more drawn to keep teaching, but at the same time I feel less and less interested in actually working in a school next year.

I have no idea where this leaves me, other than obsessively researching long vacations to exotic destinations as soon as school lets out.  (If anyone has any recommendations in Latin America or the Caribbean, I’d love to hear them.)


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