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First snow day!

We had a wintery mix fall most of last night, but all of the weather predictions indicated it would be cleared up by morning.  Still, I checked the county’s website at 5:23 this morning, just in case, and wow – school was cancelled!  I didn’t actually believe it (thought I might be dreaming still), but my facebook feed was filled with other teachers’ excitement.

I probably should have gone back to sleep, but I was so surprised and excited that I couldn’t imagine it.  Now it’s 6:39, I’ve read the newspaper, had breakfast and two cups of tea, and am wondering what on earth to do with myself the rest of the day.  Part of me wants to just sit and listen to the radio all day (one of my favorite sick-day indulgences), but maybe I could read, or watch all of Pride & Prejudice, or find a new show on Netflix, or work on my knitting project…so many options!

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