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Failing at life chores

Effective immediately I have to start paying more than twice as much each month for my prescriptions because my insurance plan heavily pushes Express Scripts mail order pharmacy over local pharmacies.  The company says “It’s Easy to Get Started!  Step 1: Simply complete the enclosed Home Delivery order form, include your prescription and copayment and mail it to Express Scripts.”

That’d be great, except I have at least three steps before that:
1.  Find a doctor
2. Get an appointment
3. Schedule and plan for a substitute teacher so I can go to my appointment
And those steps could easily take months, even if I could ever remember to use the few non-kid minutes I have in the middle of the work day to call a doctor’s office, or could figure out how to request a substitute.  There’s a reason I’ve been wearing glasses for the last two months since my contacts lens prescription ran out and it’s not because I like the look.

I’m sure there are many people in the world (my mom, for instance) who would not see this an as insurmountable problem.  I know what the reality will be for me, though.  In all likelihood I’ll still be paying high copays and wearing glasses six months from now, stressed out about both but unable to figure out how to make anything else happen.  I am capable and confident in so many arenas, but life chores like this just do me in.

Update: I called my mom to tell her all of this.  She said I could send her the doctors’ phone numbers and my schedule and she’ll set up the appointments.  “It’s not a problem!  I’ll look forward to doing it.”  I am a very lucky girl.

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  1. Kelly
    October 24, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    I TOTALLY get it. I can never seem to find time for my “life chores.” Except making Milo’s yearly dr visits. I’m pretty good at that. Other than that, I suck. That’s why Trav and I are both about a year overdue for dental visits. Because we just can’t seem to get it together to make appointments. I tend to catch up with vet appts, etc, during summer, but during the school year I’m useless.

    On another note, that’s why I gave my mother full permission to plan my wedding 5 years ago. I was teaching, planning a move, and finishing my Masters, so I gave her full authority to make all those itty bitty decisions because it was just too stressful to handle it all ;-)

    And last, planning for a sub is so much worse than being at school. That’s why Trav and I will go to school sick instead of dealing with all the headaches of a sub.

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