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Classroom quotes

A few recent quotes from my classroom:

  • Overheard during writing: “I don’t want to die.  If you die, you miss Halloween.”
  • One child to another during math: “Jose, stop acting like a baby!  You’re a big kid.  Do your work.”
  • To a partner after checking their work with me: “Pablo, we get to do a challenge now!”
  • Child reporting back on work with a tough partner: “Miss R, she did really good.  She’s a good learner!”

And two vignettes:

  1. H, one of my new-to-English speakers, has become our de facto line leader.  (She desperately wants to be in charge and line leader isn’t a battle I feel like fighting with her.)  Each time we line up she’ll check with me, “Miss R, H number 1?”  I’ll assure her, yes, she’s number 1.  Today, though, she was charging ahead of the class when I needed her to stay behind me.  “H,” I said, “stay behind me.”  “H number 1!” she replied.  I told her, yes, she’s number one, but she still has to stay behind me.  “You’re zero?” she asked.  Yowsers, she’s smart.
  2. Some of the kids think it’s unfair that I always believe H instead of them, but I’ve learned over the last four weeks that H is always right.  Really, always.  Today, for instance, I should have paid more attention to her preoccupation with another child’s hair.  She spent all of my science lesson methodically sifting through the girl’s hair, then leapt up to show me something on her finger.  Annoyed that she wasn’t paying attention and was distracting the class, I told her to sit down and keep her hands on her body.  She tried desperately to get me to look at both her finger and the girl’s head, but I gave it only a quick glance.  Once home, however, I replayed the scene and wondered, what was she so focused on?  A quick google image search confirmed my fear: she’d been trying to show me the head lice she found in the girl’s hair.  Moral of the story: always pay attention when H has something to share.
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