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I’m closed

My most frequently used phrase today?  “I’m closed.”

I used “I’m closed” when I was trying to deal with my two girls who are destroying my classroom management through sheer refusal to do anything anybody else is doing – unless it’s something they shouldn’t be doing.  I didn’t use it with the girls though – I used it with the other kids in the class who came up to ask minor questions while I was in high stakes showdowns with one girl or the other.  I believe at one point, as I was repeating, “H, sit in your chair,” and she was shaking her head no, again, but in a way that indicated she might cave soon, I even told a child, “oh no, I am SO closed right now.”  Bright side?  On almost every position on which I took a stand today, both girls did relent and do as I asked.  Not cheerfully or easily, but they did it.  And after they’d finished moping, they came over to make peace in their own ways.  H brought me a book and asked me to read with her – and she pointed to the words (a battle that she and the reading specialist fought over the course of a full week).  T finally sat with us on the carpet in stead of crawling on the floor and barking like a dog.  She did interrupt us, but it was to say, “Miss R, no woof?”  “No woof,” I replied.

We have a long, long way to go, but  hopefully if I can put together enough episodes in a row of showing that I’m truly, really in charge, the girls and I can stop renegotiating the power structure with every new task.  And wow, that would make the days easier.

  1. cloud strife 86
    October 7, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    They are starting to respect you! …I think…

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