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And we’ll try again tomorrow

Two quick stories from my class’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad behavior day:

By math this afternoon I was at the end of my patience and just put my head down on one of the kids’ tables.  Almost immediately things got quieter.  Instead of shouting, I heard lots of whispering kid to kid: “is she crying?”  “no, I think she’s resting.” “maybe she’s calming down, like we do.”

I picked my head up and explained that I felt very frustrated.  One of the girls piped up, “Miss R, maybe you could say like what you said we could when we’re upset – ‘SUGAR Plums and FAIRY tales!'”


I was telling my friend about my day and said that as bad as the kids’ behavior was today, I do have some plans for tomorrow.  “I even have a signal for one of the kids,” I told her. “If I touch two fingers to my cheek, he needs to check if he’s singing.”

She replied, “Hilary, that sentence sounds like maybe you’re having a stroke and producing word salad. But no! You’re just teaching.”


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