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Getting out

While my attempt at going out Saturday was a flop, it did remind me that there are a lot of places nearby, and that I should try visiting some of them at quieter times.  Also, I came home from my dressed up wandering ready to work hard at building a life here.  Last night I signed up for several MeetUp groups, registered for an Introduction to Bouldering class at a climbing gym I’ve been wanting to check out, looked up area contra dancing opportunities, and got information on the local UU church.

This morning I went to the 11:15 service at the Unitarian church.  While I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place, I enjoyed the experience.  It’s an easy one-mile walk through residential neighborhoods to get there, the building is very pretty, and the service was thoughtful.  The lead minister appears to be an atheist, which is fascinating, thought-provoking, and somehow comforting, and the church has that sense of fellowship and goodwill that I always felt at First Unitarian in Philadelphia.  I ducked out right after the service, skipping the social time, but for now I think that’s okay.  Unstructured socializing with strangers in a setting where I don’t know the norms isn’t really my strong suit – I imagine I’ll be more willing to stay once I get a better sense of the place.

After I got back, I packed up my work things and headed to one of the local coffeeshops.  It’s always swarming with 20- and 30-somethings and I think I want to make myself one of the regulars.  They have coffee and tea during the day, then add an upstairs wine bar most evenings.  There’s free wifi and a ton of seating, and even if I don’t strike up any conversations, it feels good just to be around other people and out of my apartment.

I’m not sure if any of this will lead to new friendships, but I figure anywhere must have better odds than my apartment.

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