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All dressed up…

I decided to be more proactive about making friends and getting to know the area.  My plan tonight was to get dressed for going out, walk down to the local bar that both of my siblings have recommended, and have a drink.  It sounded really good as a plan, but I probably should have predicted the reality.

The reality is that busy bars overwhelm me even when I’m meeting someone.  On my own I can’t even go in.  So I turned the corner and decided to walk to a different bar to try my luck there.  I did that for about an hour and a half, walking all the way to Clarendon and back, passing dozens of bars.  Many of them looked like great places to bring a date, grab dinner with a friend, or hang out with a big group.  None of them seemed particularly good for hanging out on my own.

So now I’m back home, looking great, with sore feet and a tired spirit.  I’m not upset with myself – I know I did my best tonight, even though my best is just walking by fun places.  It’s hard to figure out how to make friends though when it seems like the only way to go out is to already have friends.

  1. cloud strife 86
    October 3, 2010 at 8:55 am

    hey, at least you tried. i haven’t been out for about 2 years now because i’m too much of a coward. be proud! and try again soon!

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