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First day success!

When one considers that my reaction to the alarm going off this morning was “Oh my f&%*ing god, I don’t want to do this,” today really went quite well.

Only 14 of my 17 kids showed up, and 14 six-year-olds is not so many kids, especially when they’ve had great kindergarten teachers.  They did have trouble staying still, but hey, they’re six and they’ve been out of school for two months.  Otherwise, they were pretty darn good.  They worked independently and without drama at their tables – enough so that I was able to complete a full set of math assessments and several reading interviews.  Afterwards, they cleaned up completely – and I mean to the very last scrap of paper – with almost no guidance from me.  They were like a well-oiled machine!  Mid-cleanup one of the kids held up a piece of paper and called out, “Miss R, where do we recycle?”  Like I said, very well-trained.

They’re also an easy to please audience.  At one point in the afternoon I was totally disorganized and needed to leave them on the rug while I rummaged through my filing cabinet for supplies.  To keep their attention without having to think very hard, I made some goofy noises while I searched.  As I came back to the carpet several of the kids were lost in giggles, and one exclaimed, “Miss R, you’re the funniest teacher EVER.”  As we waited for the buses to come later that afternoon, another girl sat down next to me and said “Today was the best day I’ve ever had – and tomorrow’s going to be even greater!”  All in all, far more cheerful than my fifth graders.

While it’s impossible to predict a year from a single day, it’s nice to have the year off to a good start.

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