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Time keeps on running, running

I spent the last two years working on my Masters degree and building my freelancing business.  As a result, I am currently paid to be a researcher, writer, admissions counselor, social media consultant…and full-time first grade teacher.

While I was in school I had more time than money, so I accepted every freelance job I was offered.  Thanks to a demanding teaching placement and a lot of student loans, I now have neither time nor money –  but I have more freelance work than ever.  This week I’ve been spending ten hour days at school then coming home and doing 2-3 hours of freelance work before crawling into bed.  It’s not a schedule I can keep up for very long, but I’ve run my monthly budget numbers about a million times and I’m afraid I can’t afford not to keep it up.  I’ve managed to do well in both my full-time and freelance jobs so far (though it’s only day 4), but as I need to do more planning in my classroom, college application deadlines approach, and I decide I need to make friends, I’m going to face some big choices about my budget, my priorities, and my goals for my freelancing business.

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