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Hooray for mentors

As a first year teacher, state law requires that I have a mentor.  Happily, mine appears to be awesome.  Of the people on my team, her philosophy on classroom setup and management is closest to my own, and she’s done a great job this week of being there whenever I need her and disappearing when I don’t.  She seemed to realize quickly that I need solo processing time, so she usually presents me with options and then leaves me to think things through.  She’s also been a very gentle but effective advocate for me, quietly intervening in conversations with well-meaning colleagues who risk overwhelming me with advice.  She just slides a sentence into the conversation that explains how I’m approaching the topic (e.g., size of whole group area, number of tables) or say that I have a lot to take in now and can think about it later.  She’s also been amazing about gathering and prepping the supplies I need – book boxes, word study journals, homework folders magically appear in my room – though today they briefly disappeared while she laminated them for me.  From what I’ve seen so far, I have high hopes for our year together.

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