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I love walking at night. There’s peace and beauty as the familiar daytime scenery is softened by darkness. Walking at night, I feel cocooned, yet part of the infinite space of the night sky. Eight years on, my strongest memories from college are of walking across the campus at night. Whenever I look up at Orion’s belt, I feel transported back to Magill walk, staring up at the night sky, testing my newfound Astronomy 1 knowledge. In college there was always a reason to walk at night – to visit a friend in another dorm, to get a book from the library, to go see the a capella concert – and it was always safe.

I rarely walk outside at night now though. There aren’t many places I need to go at the end of the day, and if I do need to go somewhere, I usually drive. I walked more in Philadelphia, when I didn’t have a car, but nighttime walking there lacked the peace and security of campus; instead of relaxing into the night, I walked efficiently, alert for risks.

One of the things I loved about being in Cambridge last fall was that I got to be a part of the night again. I walked into town, around town, home from town, in the evenings, usually with friends, but sometimes on my own. I felt safe, as though the city was one large campus, and loved reclaiming that experience.

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  1. AK
    August 27, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    I am so pleased that you’re writing again

    : )

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