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Having fun

Instead of P.E., the kids did “Rolling Bowling” this morning. A (short) portable bowling lane, complete with ball return and pin set up, was brought to the school parking lot. Although I had to stay with the class, two older men ran the activity. I thought I’d miss having my planning period, but I loved being able to spend time with the kids and not have to be the enforcer. The bowling guys set the rules and the kids were so excited they were happy to follow them – so I got to cheer for them, dance a little with them, and generally have fun with them, possibly for the first time since I’ve been in their class. I know it can’t always be like that, but I do think that having some fun can make it easier later on to enforce the rules. If nothing else, it helped me enjoy the kids more, and I think that’s totally worth the lost planning period.

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