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Moving, always moving

Since I graduated from college eight years I ago I have moved all of my things 11 (about to be 12) separate times. I’m very good at it, but predictably, I’m also very tired of it. On the move currently in progress, I live two (very tall) floors up and a long sidewalk away from my car. Once the stuff is in my car, it has to get loaded back out at the storage unit and carted down the facility’s interior hallway, at which point I need to wrestle it into place in the unit, always keeping in mind when I’m likely to need it again and how that timing compares to when I’ll probably need the things around it. It’s taking its toll. My back hurts, my legs are bruised, and emotionally I’m spent. I’ve taken so many trips up and down the stairs in the last week carting things out of the apartment, yet looking around my almost-bare bedroom, I still have at least 18 more stair treks before it’s cleared out – and then there’s the furniture in the living room and kitchen.

As a veteran of many packing cycles, I recognize this moment as one of the low points on the moving-to-a-new-place roller coaster. I’ve grown used to the highs – “look how fast this is going! This move is going to be a breeze!” – and the lows – “I have too much stuff. I’m never going to finish. I should just throw it all out and live in a tent.” I know that this too shall pass, but for tonight I’m going to take a break, rest my back, and enjoy living in my apartment for one more day before I go back to packing it all up.

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  1. May 25, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    I just completed my 23 move in 26 years. I’m still in the “camping out” phase, though things are starting to take shape. More power to you!

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