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Safety nets

Every now and then I wonder what life would be like without the incredibly large, strong safety net I have under me. What if I didn’t have parents happy to help with anything I need or want, or an extended family I knew I could count on in any emergency? What if, as so many people are, it was just me on my own in the world? All I really know is that life would feel way scarier.

I’m thinking about safety nets because my graduation and job search are making me realize how much I take mine for granted.  For instance, my lease is up in a week and a half and I’ve made no plans for where to live after that…but I’m not particularly worried about it.  I’ll find a friend, find a sublet, or stay with mom and dad for a few days while I keep looking.  I hope and expect to find a teaching job this fall, but I won’t be panicked if I don’t get something for the start of school.  I know I won’t be homeless – I should be able to increase my freelance work enough to pay my rent, but if I can’t, I trust that my safety net will be there for me until I get things settled.

And speaking of finding a job, if I do get one it may be my mother who deserves much of the credit.  We’ve spent the last four school days driving all over our county so I could hand-deliver resumes to area principals.  Mom spent 5-6 hours behind the wheel each day, plugging the next address into the GPS while I was inside each school.  Even though I woke up each morning thinking “oh god, I don’t want to do this again,” mom approached each day of driving with a cheerful sense of purpose.  I feel confident that something good will come out of the contacts I made this week, and there is no way in the world I could have done it alone.  Life is so much easier when there are people who support us.

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  1. May 19, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Best of luck in your search. Glad you appreciate all your supporters do for you. I’m sure you reciprocate. I wrote a blog the other day about the year’s most creative way to get an interview. You might consider some of the ideas for your targeted schools. TheInterviewPro.wordpress.com


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