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Resume drop

I left my resume and cover letter with a lot of principals today. In many ways it feels empowering – I’m doing something to directly support my job search. In other ways, it is terrifying. At each school I briefly wonder, is this the place I want to call home? Is this the administrative assistant I’ll befriend? Will some of the students in the hallway be mine next year? These thoughts sometimes feel overwhelming, but I try to remember that almost all abstract possibilities are overwhelming. I think back to the weekend before I started student teaching – before I’d been inside the school, before I’d met any of my students. We stood outside the school grounds, just looking, and I thought how old the building looked and wondered what my kids would be like and whether I’d like anyone and if I’d ever feel connected to this place I was a stranger to.

And a few months later I stood in the hallway of the school saying goodbye to teachers, students, and parents. Every window I’d once looked at from the outside was now connected to a room, and every room connected to the people who fill it. I wasn’t a stranger – I could barely remember a time before I knew these students and teachers. I try to hold on to these memories when I start getting overwhelmed with the job search. I may not know much about any of these schools right now, but I’ll learn what I need to about one of them this fall. Wherever I land, I’ll make connections. Wherever I land, I won’t be a stranger for long. It may feel overwhelming now, but the reality won’t be nearly as scary as the questions.

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