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I’ve been actively pursuing full-time jobs since the fall, but now I realize I’ve been quite passive in that active pursuit. I apply to counties and to agencies and I accept any interviews that are offered, but I balk whenever I’m offered a job – or even asked to express interest in a particular school or location. With graduation looming and a growing sense that teaching will be vital to my happiness next year, I’m finally conducting a real job search. As of today, I am expressing genuine, proactive interest in specific schools and specific geographic areas. Specifically, I spent today dropping off resumes at 16 Northern Virginia schools and will hit another group tomorrow. I haven’t given up entirely on living in Austin, moving overseas, or staying in Charlottesville, and I’ll still actively-passively pursue those options, but I think my best odds for a job I’ll enjoy are in Northern Virginia. After months of vacillation, I’m finally willing to commit and try to make a job happen.

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