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Giving thanks

I finished my last graduate school class yesterday. Looking back on my two years in the program, I realize I have a lot of people I need to thank for my experience. From the very beginning I have worked with remarkably talented, passionate professors. These women shared their love of their fields – reading, curriculum development, literature, writing, mathematics, instruction – and their commitment to good teaching. Their unabashed enthusiasm for research and teaching nurtured my own enthusiasm and helped me feel comfortable sharing it with others.  They focus on different areas of learning, but they all work towards the same goal – improving students’ lives and helping them learn.

After my two years at the Curry School of Education, I know that I have a rich network of brilliant, caring professors to call on as I navigate the ups and downs of classroom life.  I think we often forget that there are people who dedicate their lives to teaching our country’s future teachers.  As I wrap up a life-changing two years and prepare to head into my own classroom, I think it’s a good time to say thank you to these master teachers – and their colleagues at education schools across the country – for everything they do.

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