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Office hours

I’m in my last week of graduate school and yesterday I realized I hadn’t fulfilled a personal goal of grad school – talking to a professor about an assignment before I turn it in.  I certainly never did this in college, at least not voluntarily.  It seemed like a lot of students around me did – and do – but I’ve never understood how they do it.  There are so many obstacles to making it happen.  First, you have to remember the project earlier than the day or so before.  Second, you have to complete some amount of thinking or work on it to make your project worth meeting about.  And third, you have to get in touch with the professor and schedule the meeting.  Who can do all of that?  And on a regular basis?

Happily for me, one of my professors this year asked that we start thinking about our final projects from the very first class period, then scheduled a mandatory peer review session a week before the final version is due.  This meant that obstacles one and two above were taken care of.  I still almost balked at obstacle three (actually getting in touch to schedule the meeting), but somehow managed to get the two sentence email sent. And now here I am, waiting outside the professor’s office, final project draft nervously in hand, waiting to talk with her.

I’m not sure I even know what to say or do in the meeting, but I figure she’ll probably help me out.  After all, this isn’t her first meeting with a student.

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