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I hosted a party (sort of)!

Months ago I was in Philadelphia, hanging out with my friends, and mentioned (in hour 7 of our happy hour) that I didn’t have any plans for my 30th birthday.  Lauren
said I should have a party, and when I said that hosting parties stresses me out, said she’d come down and host it for me.  And she did!  And we had a very successful birthday party.

Wine glasses at the ready (with colorful homemade markers).

Getting ready to lay out the food.

There was cheese, wine, vegetables, chips, hummus, balloons, a cake, parking spaces…everything a party should have.  At least two dozen people came, almost all of them dressed up (we suggested swanky attire), and they seemed to have a good time talking to each other (and eating and drinking).  Lauren took care of restocking food and drinks, so I got to spend the entire time chatting.  After almost two years of going to parties hosted by everyone else in Charlottesville, it felt good to finally reciprocate – I think it was the first time that anyone there had been to my house.

A few lessons I took away from the experience: people bring more alcohol than I would expect but eat less food; Pandora will stop playing if you don’t constantly reassure it that you love it; my friends are all really nice people; it’s good to have free, easy, no-risk-of-towing parking.

We wore pretty dresses - but we took off our heels.

Though I know Lauren did a lot of the hard work, this was a very positively reinforcing event.  Who knows, maybe next time I won’t wait 3 years between parties.

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  1. Lauren
    May 4, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    It was totally a hoppin’ party. When I checked on the music, it was actually playing, but we couldn’t hear it for the crowd. You should feel empowered to host more; I think you just need a sounding board for ideas. So, even if I can’t make it to CVille or wherever you wind up, I’m happy to be your party consultant.

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