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Birthdays and camping

Today is special for one reason: it’s my 30th birthday!

Today is nothing special for another reason: it’s a Monday, and that means 6 hours of class.

Today is a reminder that my life stays constant, despite the passing years, for two reasons: first, my birthday was kind of blah, and second, there is no longer any furniture in my living room or dishware in my kitchen.

My birthday coincided with moving day for the person who used to live here.  Instead of leaving his common room furniture and kitchenware through the end of the lease, as he said he would, he came to pick it all up to move it into his new place.  On the one hand, I can’t begrudge him this. It’s his stuff and he needs it in his new apartment.  On the other hand, it’s a real pain in the rear end.  I can’t eat breakfast because there is no bowl for cereal, toaster for bread, plate for toast, or knife for butter.  And even if we did have all of those things, I would have to eat my meal on the floor because we have neither table nor chairs.  So I am faced with a choice: go to my storage unit and pull out all of my kitchenware, living room furniture, and the dining room set, only to move it all back to storage in one month, or stock up on disposable plates and cutlery and eat at the counter.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to live like I’m camping in my own home, and although I’m turning 30, I doubt it will be my last.  At this point, I think my pie in the sky goal for my 30s is to never spend more than 2 days eating off disposables or sleeping on an air mattress because of a move.

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