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On life, death, and not writing

Despite what it looks like, I haven’t ignored the blog this week.  I have drafted posts almost every day only to decide that they are not worth publishing.  I think the lack of published material stems from the fact that I’ve been writing drafts on issues that I don’t really care about and ignoring the one thing I’ve been thinking about all week: death.  (I know that sounds dramatic.)

You see, my friend’s mother died suddenly this week and I’ve spent most of the week thinking about it in one way or another.  Early in the week I was thinking about how we share news in the digital age and how some things – like notes of condolence – should still be handwritten.  Later in the week I was at funeral home visiting hours, the church memorial service, and visiting with the family at home.  These experiences had me thinking about what it means to lose a wife versus lose a mother, how we never really know the shape our lives will take, and what comfort there is in old photo albums.  I spent a lot of this time, too, grappling with my own religious beliefs and trying to figure out exactly what I believe happens after death.  Big thoughts, and not easy things on which to come to quick conclusions.

Indeed, none of my thinking felt firm enough to write about, so I looked for other topics — but no other topic worked when I was thinking about something else.  And hence, my silence.  I hope that with the memorial events now wrapped up and life (as it so relentless does) returning to normal, I will be able to think again about other thoughts, and to share them in this space.

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