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Match me if you can

I am in an on- and off-again relationship with Match.com.  I like that many people are on the site, that it allows initial communication beyond ridiculous multiple choice questions, and that it’s relatively cheap compared to eharmony.  I do not, however, like its automatic subscription renewal, its deceptive teaser emails once a subscription is cancelled, or its scraping of the bottom of the barrel after just 2-3 weeks of “Daily 5” suggested matches.

All that said, Match.com and I are “on” again.  They are celebrating their 15th anniversary and are passing the joy on to me through a 50% discount.  I weighed the pros and cons, considered our past relationship – both the joys and the disappointments – and decided that for $54 over six months, Match had made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  So instead of doing schoolwork (of which I have a lot right now) or updating this blog (which I’ve neglected), I spent yesterday afternoon updating my profile, uploading new photos, and searching for new matches.  Given our history, I can’t say for sure how this new phase of our relationship will turn out, but I am approaching it with optimism and energy.  If nothing else, it should provide a great way to procrastinate on my class work.

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