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Happy hands at home

I finished my dress!

Sort of.  I gave up on putting the trim on it (I decided that I don’t have the detail skills yet and would only ruin it by trying to make it prettier) and I need to fix the straps but I just didn’t have the energy this afternoon.  The finished product looks better than I feared it would, but also looks (and here I’m channeling a Project Runway critique) “a little ‘happy hands at home.'”  Still, as first projects go, it’s not awful.  Most importantly, I now know what skills I need to learn to be able to do projects like this much better in the future.

1) Darts.
I still think that “make darts” is not an “easy” instruction, but I muddled my way through four sets of darts on this project and they’re okay.  I suspect they can be done better and more easily though, so I’m going to look for internet or other advice to figure out how to get better at this.

2) Zippers.
Both my pattern and my zipper packet included instructions on how to insert the zipper but these might as well have been written in Latin.  I do not have anywhere near the sewing vocabulary to understand what these directions were saying.  Instead, I went into my closet and inspected all of my clothing with zippers, then made up a way of sewing the new zipper based on what  I saw on my other clothes.  It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s surprisingly good considering I was improvising.

3) Sewing a frigging straight line.
I proved surprisingly bad at sewing a consistently straight line. That’s not rocket science, that’s just something I need to practice.

All in all, I think it was a productive weekend.  I made a dress, learned what I need to learn next, and  feel more confident that this is something I can learn to do.  A good way to start on a new skill.

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