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I can learn anything I put my mind to, right?

After a day of shopping on Thursday and two to three hours watching Project Runway on Friday I came to a decision: I’ve got to learn how to make my own clothes.  Really, it shouldn’t be that hard.  The t-shirt I just shelled out $15 for – on sale – is probably $2 worth of fabric and the design really isn’t very special.  Certainly I can make a t-shirt myself.  And sundresses – there’s almost nothing to them.  I should be able to make those, too.  And instead of having to pick from the colors and styles the stores offer, I should be able to choose my own and have it be just the way I like it.  There’s just one thing missing.

I don’t know how to sew.  I am determined to learn, though.  I started by heading to the fabric store on Friday afternoon in search of an easy pattern and fabric to work with.  I spent 45 minutes pouring over pattern books before I decided I was in over my head.  Then I spent Friday night looking for sewing classes in the area but couldn’t find any, so this morning I found an easy pattern on the Simplicity website and headed back out to the store to get my materials.

It took me 35 minutes to pick out a plain, light blue denim for the dress.  (I knew enough about my lack of ability to rule out the prettier patterns – too hard to line up the seams.)  I got right to work when I got home, reminding myself throughout that this is a learning experience and I never have to wear the dress if it doesn’t turn out well.

Results are mixed so far.  I think I kind of did the darts right, although I don’t understand why an “easy” pattern starts with the directions “sew darts in the bodice.”  I second-guessed the directions on the straps and have done them wrong twice, so I’ll probably have to take the bodice apart tomorrow and redo the whole thing.  But it’s okay, it’s a learning experience.  Eventually I’ll figure it out.

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