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Charlottesville City Market

On Saturday I got myself out of bed early (7:15) so I could get over to the first day of the season at the Charlottesville City Market.  I have no real cash to speak of right now, but I still set aside $20 to spend at the market, a habit I got into last summer, when I fell in love.

I am in love with the market.  I love being up on a weekend morning when you know the day’s going to be hot, but the morning still has a chill to it.  I love how many things there are for sale: fruits and vegetables, sure, but also flowers and cheese and eggs and grass-fed, free-range beef and hand-made tables and purses and necklaces and soap and children’s clothes and so much more.  I love the people who have come to sell at the market and I love the ones who are coming to buy.  I love the college students, the families, the toddlers, the older couples.  I love the big hellos and the friends standing around catching up.  I love the smell of coffee and fresh-baked doughnuts, of basil plants and fresh garlic.

The market feels alive and happy.  I am overcome by the emotion I feel walking through this good-spirited community.  I wish I ate more meat or knew how to cook or had more money so I could buy more of the foods I see.  It took me a year to get to the market the first time but I’m a convert now.  As long as I’m in Charlottesville, I’ll get up on Saturday and I’ll get to the market.  And I’ll be happy that I’m there.

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