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My blogging style

When I started this blog I was the only one reading it, so I wrote, essentially, for myself.  The first post is a good example of what my writing looks like when I write just for me – it’s rambling and it’s fine, but not special.  That’s not a great way to get or keep an audience.  So since I went public I’ve been playing around with styles and formats of my writing on this blog.  There is a limit, I think, to the number of entries anyone wants to read about my knitting.  The blogs that I most enjoy of others are the ones in which the writers are themselves, but not the mundane version – instead, they’re sharing the edges of themselves that make other people say “huh, she’s a little odd.”

For instance, there are many, many ways I could have written about my lesson planning process.  In this blog, I chose to emphasize my obsession and self-doubt, because those two pieces are there and they’re real.  If I were writing for a group of pre-service teachers, however, I would write about the steps in my planning process and the result of my planning choices on student achievement.  In doing so, I would shift the focus from the time and energy I spend on planning and instead focus on its rewards.  And this would also be real and true, but for the audience of this blog it might not be as interesting.

All of this is to say that when I’m writing this blog, I’m deliberately choosing issues I feel strongly about and focusing on the edges of my thoughts and personality as I write.  When I reread what I’ve written over the last few months I tend to think “yep, totally still agree with that,” and “people must think I’m crazy.”  Hopefully this approach of writing an extreme version of the truth will keep things interesting – for you and for me.

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