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A list of the tabs along the top of my web browser right now:

Gmail – this is always open, and always first.  I check it throughout the day, even if it doesn’t look like I have new mail.

Twitter – always open, always the second tab.  I refresh this constantly, too, and sometimes (like tonight) post far too often.  I protect my tweets though, so only a handful of close friends get to see these 140-character rambles.

Facebook – always open, always third.  I check it regularly, and love that it started to update automatically a few months ago.  I feel put out if friends haven’t posted anything new since I last checked.  I have 329 friends – sure someone’s said something in the last 5 minutes.

Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington, Job Bank – it is what it sounds like.  I’m keeping it open to remind me to apply to some of the schools on the page.  4 days and counting since I first opened it…and I still haven’t started an application.

Lemov’s Taxonomy excerpt – a PDF excerpt of a book I read about in a preview of a New York Times magazine piece (I expect the article will be published this weekend).  The author of the taxonomy has examined thousands of teachers and isolated 49 techniques that separate great teachers from merely good teachers.  It’s a good read.

Slate.com article on signage – one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in awhile.  The author examines signs in multiple locations (Penn Station, London, highways, etc.) and talks with “wayfinding” experts about what makes good signage.  A great series for anyone who’s ever been exasperated navigating a new place.

WordPress – to write this blog.

Marie Claire article on “Best Cities for Singles” – I need to find a new place to live, so why not make an informed choice?  I got to the article through a google search for “where do single men live?”  I asked google this in part because I have no idea where the men are – I simply don’t see them anywhere I go.  But then I spend time with my single male friends and realize that I don’t see them out in the city because they don’t leave their apartments – they’re playing video games and watching movies at home (which is how I socialize with them).

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