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Making breakfast: a 46 step dance

  1. Pull the electric kettle away from the wall.
  2. Take off the top of the kettle, fill it up with water.
  3. Replace the kettle on its base, plug the base in.
  4. Pop down the orange lever to turn the kettle on.
  5. Open the cabinet, take out the small pot.
  6. Fill the small pot up with water.
  7. Put the pot on the stove (front left burner) and turn the burner on high.
  8. Open the cabinet, take out a large dinner plate, mug, tea pot.  Put these on counter.
  9. Open the freezer, take out the bread.
  10. Put two slices of bread on the dinner plate.  Return bread bag to freezer.
  11. Microwave the two bread slices for 22 seconds.
  12. Place the mostly-defrosted bread in the toaster. Do not turn it on.
  13. Open the refrigerator, taking out the 18-pack of eggs.
  14. Remove three eggs, placing them between the toaster and dinner plate so they don’t roll away.
  15. Replace eggs in refrigerator, take out the butter.
  16. Microwave the butter for 4-6 seconds, depending on size of stick.
  17. Place butter next to plate.
  18. Open silverware drawer, take out knife and fork.
  19. Lay knife on plate, place fork on the table, on the left-hand side of the right-hand placemat.
  20. Open pantry, take out an English Breakfast Tea teabag.
  21. Rip open top, place bag in mug, pour in freshly boiled water from kettle.
  22. Throw out teabag wrapper.
  23. Turn down the heat on the stove to 70%.
  24. Take a bowl from the cabinet and place on counter between stove and dinner plate.
  25. Push the button to start the toaster.
  26. Crack the three eggs into the bowl.  Throw shells in sink.
  27. Using the handle of a mixing spoon, create a whirlpool effect in the slowly boiling pot of water.
  28. Gently pour the three eggs into the pot.
  29. Note the time. Add three minutes to know when the eggs will be done.
  30. Transfer the teabag from the mug to the teapot.
  31. Pour water from the kettle into the teapot. Place teapot on counter next to sink.
  32. Take milk out of the refrigerator, add a splash to the mug of tea.
  33. Replace milk in fridge, put mug in left-top corner of the right-hand placemat.
  34. Check time on the eggs.
  35. Take the popped toast out of the toaster.  Butter, cut diagonally.
  36. Put knife in dishwasher. Replace butter in fridge.
  37. Check the time on the eggs.
  38. Use a slotted spoon to scoop each egg out of the water, gently draining water and loose egg white.
  39. Place eggs on plate with toast.
  40. Turn off burner.
  41. Pour water down sink, immediately fill pot with water and leave to soak.
  42. Bring plate to table, sit at left-hand seat.
  43. Shake salt into hand, sprinkle over eggs.
  44. Read newspaper.
  45. As tea is consumed, refill from pot near sink.
  46. Clean up.
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