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Writer’s Notebook

An optional part of the course I’m taking is to create (and then lug around) a writer’s notebook in which we can record ideas we might write about at some point.  I haven’t done this.

Mostly I haven’t done it because I hate carrying things (hence using a flip wallet and a clutch).  But the idea is a good one.  It’d be great to record all of the ideas I come up with during the day but then forget when it’s time to sit down to write (this context-specific amnesia is one of several reasons I haven’t written much lately).  Maybe I could borrow my friend Ringo’s idea and carry around a digital voice recorder so I could record memos to myself.  Or maybe I’ll just try harder to remember what I’m thinking about.  As a start, I’m writing here a list of the topics I thought about today:

  • Why couples I see in airports and restaurants fascinate me.
  • The flexibility conflict between my short- and long-term goals.
  • In a big group of people with a toddler among them, how do you tell who’s the mom?
  • Impatience: necessary or evil?
  • Choices I make to avoid even the possibility of being stuck in a long conversation with someone.
  • Why do all older men working in international or independent schools look familiar to me?
  • Realization: just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it.
  • The dangers (and upsides) of having an expressive face.
  • Job fair comparison: what creates camaraderie?
  • Airport vehicles as a bizarre adaptive ecosystem.
  • City transit systems I have known and (maybe not) loved.
  • Why I sometimes worry I’ve been dropped into a dystopian movie when I’m on a subway.
  • Life as a movie: am I a lead actor or an extra who gets killed off early?
  • In support of arranged marriage.  (In general and in my life.)
  • My current dissatisfaction with all of my existing skill sets and why this could spell financial ruin.
  • I don’t have a husband or babies but I plan my career around them.  Do men do this?
  • The beauty of interstate highways at night.
  • My frustration at being at the bottom of a career ladder again.
  • The careers I think I’d rock.
  • My nostalgic reaction to British, Aussie and South African accents.
  • How airports are an example of the social contract.
  • They’re paging “John Adams.”  Seriously, who does that to their kid?

Okay, that is all.

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