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[The prompt for this exercise was to write down a name – any name – then create a situation in which the character’s life changes. We had five minutes to write.]

“C’mon Sophia, just give it a try.  What’s the worst that can happen?  I mean, it’s not like it can kill you.  It’s just a tomato.”

“A really, really good tomato, Sophia.  Seriously, this is the best tomato I have ever eaten.  It might be the best food I’ve ever eaten.  You have to try it.”

“Just a bite, Soph.  C’mon.”

Sophia sighed.  They knew she hated red foods.  But they kept pushing at her, all the time.  ‘Sophia try this, Sophia have a bite of that.’  She was tired of defending herself.  “Guys, you know I hate red foods.  Leave me alone, okay?”

But they didn’t give up.  Not at ALL.  Finally, Sophia couldn’t take it anymore.  “Fine!  I’ll eat it! Just SHUT UP!”  She took a bite.  “Oh my god…it’s amazing…”

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