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Snapshot from a classroom

The sun streams into the frame from the left, creating patches of glare on the bulletin board.  Around the spots of sun it’s possible to see a large, hand-drawn calendar – black lines on white posterboard separate the page into 7 boxes across, 6 boxes down.  A bright green label along the top edge says “December” and 4 colored squares below seem to place today as the 4th.  The rest of the bulletin board is covered in paper – some colorful, some not.  There’s a pink strip with blue and green squares that’s labeled “Our odd and even chart,” and elsewhere on the board are weather charts for the preceding months, a page covered in children’s names, and a white strip of paper that proclaims “Ariana thinks yellow!” in bright blue marker.

On the shelves below the bulletin board there is a riot of color.  The small, colorful spines of easy reader books march across on the left side, followed by a red basket piled high with tennis balls.  Below the books sits a blue basket, papers sticking out, and to its right, more papers, more baskets, more cards, folders, supplies – all the debris of a room filled with lessons.

Standing in front of all this is a young boy.  He wears black trousers and a navy blue sweatshirt with a light blue polo shirt peeking out at the collar.  He’s smiling as he looks back over his left shoulder, towards the photographer, marker poised in his left hand as if ready to write down whatever is said next.

Classroom snapshot

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