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An attempt at fictionalizing (or, my teacher want me to stretch a little more)

Julie slapped her binder down on the desk.  It just didn’t make sense.  The activity didn’t have anything to do with anything – and in a class about making lessons relevant!  Maybe the professor was doing some big experiment and wanted to see if someone would notice that what she was teaching and how she was teaching didn’t match up at all.

Or maybe not.

More likely, it was just another course where they tried to cram too much information into too little time and ended up teaching nothing instead of everything.  It would have been better, Julie thought, if she’d at least been matched up with a reasonable partner.  Or if the TA had had a clue what they were supposed to do. Or if there’d been anywhere near enough time to finish the assignment.  But no.  Instead this weekend would be about cranky emails to an ill-suited partner about an assignment that wouldn’t be graded but that had to be turned in.  She had this pattern down pat.

But what if she changed the pattern?  What if this time, instead of just going along and turning in the meaningless work, she stood up to the inanity of it?  What if she explained why this wasn’t a good educational activity, why it undermined objectives instead of helping students reach them?  What if-

Ping!  Julie’s email program chirped with a new mail alert.

“Hey Julie.  I’ve proposed a schedule for getting together to work on the assignment.  You’re free tomorrow afternoon to work on it, right?  I want to make sure we do a good job on this. – Kristen”

Or maybe she’d just give in…

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