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Dishwashers, refrigerators, and the meaning of life

I came home today to a dishwasher full of dirty dishes from my roommate’s dinner the night before – the mixing bowl, the cutting board, butcher’s knives, big plastic spoons, broiler pan, etc.  Usually I pull these big dishes out of the dishwasher and just handwash them so I (or he) can use them again sooner that it will take to run the dishwasher and so that we can fit more of our regular dishes in the machine.  This afternoon I was too tired to handwash so I just ran it, but when I opened it up at the end of the cycle, all of the dishes were streaked with black gunk.  Turns out there was a lot of burned on food on the broiler pan and now it’s all over all of our dishes.  Oops.

To me, this reinforces what I’ve learned since childhood: wash the big dishes yourself.  I’ve never understood loading a dishwasher with 4 baking dishes and a spoon and declaring it full.  For every big item I wash, I can fit in nearly half a dozen smaller dishes – which means less dishes stacked up in the sink waiting for the dishwasher to finish, less time unloading the dishwasher, and more immediate use of the cooking supplies.  I must be the only person who thinks this way, though, because not one of my last three houses even had a dish drying rack.

Turning to another appliance, one of the only things my friend Stacey’s boyfriend knows about me is that my college boyfriend and I had a three-year argument over whether side-by-side or top/bottom freezer-refrigerator combinations were better.

Yes, that’s right.  At age 22, when we didn’t even have our own apartments, we fought over refrigerators.

It wasn’t a sensible fight, but to this day I still think I’m right.

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