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Life is about choices

I’m trying to figure out how to focus my job search and I’m finding it difficult to do because every option involves trade-offs.  Now, I know that trade-offs are a reality of life and I’m quite good at counseling other people about them, but when one doesn’t really know what one wants, it’s hard to figure out what trade-offs are okay to make.

Here are the things that I could do next year:

  • Teach elementary school abroad.
  • Teach elementary school at a private school in the U.S.
  • Teach elementary school at a public school, probably in Charlottesville or Northern Virginia.
  • Be a college counselor abroad.
  • Go back to my old job full-time.
  • Support myself through freelancing.

These choices vary greatly in their adventurousness, potential peer group, overall social options, potential for savings, amount of free time, and feelings of satisfaction.  To complicate it a bit more, here are the things I’d like to do next year separate from any job choice I make:

  • Get a dog.
  • Meet a guy.
  • Make good friends.
  • Drink nice wine.
  • Travel.

Some of these things (getting a dog) are probably not going to happen no matter what job I chose to do.  Others (meet a guy, make good friends) are things I can help happen, but can’t completely control.  The wine and travel depend a lot on money, but they’re probably also the things I’m most willing to give up in the short-term if it means reaching bigger long-term goals. (Note: I do not intend to give up wine in the short- or long-term, I’m just willing to give up nice wine.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have spent an hour googling to figure out how much wine I could purchase in Dubai.)

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