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7 tips for rocking a job fair

1. Don’t stand in long lines.  If dozens of people are interested, odds are that’s not where you’ll be getting the job.  Seek out the recruiters who need you more.

2. Be gracious even when recruiters are stupid. If the recruiter looks at your six years of directly related experience and says you don’t any relevant background, thank her and move on. You don’t want to work for her or for a place that trusts her to do the hiring.

3. Give interviewers the silence they need.  With interviews every half hour they haven’t had time to prep for you.  And they’re tired. Let them read your resume and consider their questions without having to deal with your blabbering.

4. Be willing to admit what you don’t know.  If you haven’t researched Nigeria or you don’t have experience with curriculum development, just say so. Either it gives the interviewer a chance to share useful information with you or it helps him better understand what you could bring to the school.

5. If you get a job offer, trust your gut.  If it doesn’t feel right when everyone’s in full wooing mode, it’s unlikely to feel right when you’re in the trenches.

6. Try to decline job offers in a way that makes them want you even more.  The recruiter may have other jobs down the road that make more sense, so leaving a thoughtful, considerate impression is an investment in the future.

7. Speak positively about others, convey a sense of optimism, smile a lot, and keep it all in perspective.  They’re long days, but it’ll all work out in the end.

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  1. AK
    February 25, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    What good advice!

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