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Up too late

I arrived around two this afternoon to my parents’ house, promptly closed myself into the office to take a work call, then took over mom’s day running errands.  At the end of all of our errand running I have 65 copies of my resume, 40 of which have photos attached, a suitcase neatly packed with cute outfits and matching accessories, and a boarding pass for my flight tomorrow morning.

Although I keep freaking out about the job fair I’m about to go to, my parents are far more nonchalant.  As all good mothers and fathers should, they feel that I’m such a super star that I have no reason to worry.  My repeated protests – I have no experience – I’m not sure what I want – no one really knows what will happen – seem to fall on deaf ears. I am a great candidate and I will be fine.  I can’t fully accept it as the truth – it comes from a pretty biased source, after all, but it does bolster me as I psych myself up for four days of meet and greets.

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