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Lessons from Day 1 of a 4-day, 480-person job fair

1. If you’re afraid you screwed up and didn’t actually get registered for the conference, do not let this show on your face when they can’t find your welcome packet.

2. Be very sweet and very vulnerable to anyone who is willing to help you out.  This can get you extra free drink tickets – and a registration packet.

3. Afterwards, thank them profusely.  But don’t mention the drink tickets.

4. Smile at people with nametags, even if you don’t know them. It makes them smile and builds happy feelings, and happy feelings are good when you’re trapped with the same people for days.

5. Ask people what kinds of jobs they’re looking for. It’s what everyone has in common and the answer tends to be a story, not a sentence.

6. Ask people about their experiences overseas.  Where would they recommend going or living?  Humans seem to think highly of the people who ask them for advice.

7. It’s not my place to steer people onto smarter paths.  If Joanne only wants to be in London or Gillian only wants to be in Kenya, so be it.  Think of it as less competition.

8. When big decisions have to be made on very little information, trust your gut.  Headmaster was awkward to talk to?  Probably don’t want to move overseas to work for him.  Other headmaster was warm, welcoming, and interested in each aspect of your background? Put some time into prepping for that interview.

9. Get a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow’s going to be a long, long day.

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